20 BAHT is a short documentary about invisible slavery in plain sight. The film is set on Bangkok’s Khaosan Road, a world-renowned strip of bars, clubs, and hostels known as the “center of the backpacking universe.” Western tourists flock to Khaosan for its famous nightlife. But at what cost? 20 BAHT tells the heartbreaking story of child trafficking that lies beneath the fun.

Rachel is a San Francisco based independent filmmaker dedicated to social justice and change. Born in Atlanta Georgia, Rachel attended Williams College and graduated with a degree in History in 2013. She has worked on films both internationally and in the US. 20 BAHT is her directorial debut.

SALLY MAIRS, Assistant Director
Sally is a multimedia journalist with a passion for stories about politics, human rights, and rural communities. She is currently a reporter for Khaosod English in Bangkok. Her work has been featured on The Isaan Record, Boston Review, Vice, and several National Public Radio (NPR) stations in the Northeast. Sally graduated from Williams College with a bachelors degree in English Literature in 2013. You can follow her on Twitter @ssmairs.

Florian is an Asia-Pacific correspondent and cameraman who delivers breaking news and human interest stories from Asia and the Middle East. His work has appeared on Al-Jazeera, CNN, Times, Vogue, and more. A CNN profile of Florian from 2010 referred to him as a “legend.” You can follow him on Twitter @vaitor.

ED PEERAYOT, Cameraman
Ed Is a Bangkok-based freelance cameraman whose work has been featured on National Geographic, BBC, CCTV, and "The Amazing Race Asia." Ed is also a member of Comedy Fixed Gear, a bike-gang-turned-comedy-troupe with an extensive social media following.

Rachel Kessler

Assistant Director
Sally Mairs

Ed Peerayot and Florian Witulski

Original Music by
Daniel Schwartz and Rachel Kessler

Narration Recorded and Directed by
Robert Kessler, Kessler Media Productions, Katonah, NY

Production Assistant
Ying Panyapon

Audio Mastering
Alex Reisdorf

Color Grading
Frederick Trevino

Clair de Lune Performed by
Emily Sorokin Kessler

Special Thanks to:
Andrea Sarvady, Andrei and Laurie Stieber, Arlene Chapman,
Ben Knight, Claire Baecher, Dave Samuelson, Ellen Kessler,
Eva Breitenbach, Evan Glustrom, Grace, Abigail, and Clare Wheeler,
Gregor Kalas, Heidi and David Geller, Holly Younglove,
Jessica Torres, Joe Cruz, John Kessler, Julia Fuster,
Karen Sumaryono, Kaye Bach, Melinda Langston, Sam Sawers,
SNS Management, Steve Chapman, Susannah McGlammery, W. Gregg Stefancik